How to improve my skincare routine

The cosmetics industry offers thousands of solutions to a variety of skin problems such as acne, redness, blemishes and wrinkles. Every beautician and big corporation representative in the pharma chains will assure you that their complicated solution is the ultimate one for you. But caring for a facial at the dermatologist is not a cheap hobby at all, and in many cases the results are not impressive enough and you will end up paying for an expensive service that you could have done at home. We have collected for you some tips for treating your face and body naturally, at home, without the help of a beautician. 

Water for glowing skin

Our body is a very well made “machine”, every aspect of our body is connected to a specific system that eventually becomes a part of many systems that allow us to function. The skin, like any other organ in the body, is made of cells, and skin cells, like other cells, are made of a high percentage of water. Water is also needed for the skin cell regeneration process. When the skin gets enough water the natural moisture it needs is maintained and it looks taut, radiant, smooth, young, and fresh.

Drink sufficient amounts of water to influence the skin appearance, it will increase the function of the cells and the overall feeling. To get a noticeable change in the facial skin, drink two to three liters of water a day. We assure you that after a few weeks you will notice a change. 

Drinking enough water is necessary for the maintenance of all the body's systems and it is extremely important for maintaining the health and beauty of the facial skin.  


Exercise the body and soul to stimulate the blood flow and cool down the skin

Yoga and exercise is great for maintaining a variety of internal systems, and also for the facial skin. In the power of inverted poses and home exercises increase the blood flow to the face and head area to provide more oxygen. Moreover, during the summer when it is more possible for oily skin to have a tendency to develop pimples, practicing pranayama (breathing) can help cool the skin and restore its natural radiance. You should spend a few minutes a day practicing breathing and staying in inverted positions.

To increase blood flow to the eyes area and crows feet, we recommend to use Creme de Royal Non Surgical Face Lift 5 times a week. 


Use Oats, Honey, and Almonds to remove dead cells

It is important to occasionally refresh the skin and stimulate blood flow to it, especially when it comes to oily skin with a tendency to develop pimples and acne. If you don’t like to go to the spa or beautician, if your skin is sensitive to pain, or if you like natural peeling at home, this is a great solution for you.  

To remove dead skin cells take oatmeal (the one for quick preparation, not the coarse - it is less suitable) and mix it with a little water. Massage the mixture against the facial skin for a few minutes and wash your face with water. Another option is to massage the face with a mixture of ground almonds and honey, according to the same principle. Note: Avoid grinding the almonds until thin. For the peeling effect to work the pieces need to be small, but not as thin as powder.

We recommend doing a facial peel once a week, and apply our 24K gold masks for 20 minutes the following day.