Black Face Mask (10 pack)

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 IMPROVEMENT OF DAMAGED SKIN CELLS - Deep tissue Black Truffle Face mask balances the texture of the skin without pain. This formula is enriched with natural and organic ingredients, the compositions of which are very close to that of the human skin tissue. Therefore, the skin is able to adjust and improve past damages such as  minor acne and open pores. 

GREAT FOR SENSITIVE SKIN - as the ingredients observe quick to the skin, improving the elasticity and appearance of damaged parts of the skin, closing the open pores  

ENRICH WITH VITAMINS - With added vitamins A, C, an D, the black truffles in these facial masks contain a hefty dose of essential fatty acids that heavily hydrate the skin. Reducing all fine lines and wrinkles.

LONG LASTING RESULTS - As the surface of the skin will become nourished and hydrated, the surface of the skin will become more unified and smooth.